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At SICE, we put the interests of our clients first to find the best solution that integrates technologies and systems, our own or third parties, that support their objectives and propel them towards the future. But we are also aware that innovation and progress must be accompanied by a sustainable perspective that puts people and the environment at the center. That is why we integrate sustainability into our business model, optimizing the performance of the resources used and promoting Sustainable Development.

Currently, sustainability encompasses a variety of trends ranging from the climate emergency to the digital transition, including mobility and social impact. And climate change will continue to increasingly affect current lifestyles. The pressure on natural resources and the environment is increasing, sometimes exceeding their capacity for regeneration or adaptation. But this is not the only challenge we face: technological acceleration poses new risks related to privacy and data protection every day, while opening up immense opportunities thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, among other advances.

Social inequality makes it essential to promote policies and offer guarantees of inclusion and integration, improving human rights in value chains and maintaining regional social cohesion. Social and demographic changes and the climate emergency have shifted the focus towards mobility: it is urgent to create sustainable mobility that resolves these emerging needs.


Environmental Protection is a fundamental value that we share with the Cobra IS Group and with the Vinci Group, to which we belong.

We seek to actively contribute to creating a better future, maximizing our positive impact on society and people’s well-being. Together, we work for environmental transformation through the optimization of resources and the preservation of natural environments. At SICE we believe that it is possible and necessary to develop our activity while minimizing its effects on the environment in all the countries where we operate. Therefore, we continually apply improvements to our processes to reduce their environmental impact.

The VINCI Group’s objective is to reduce direct emissions by 40% by 2030, developing solutions that accelerate the energy transition and promoting the circular economy and the preservation of natural environments. And in a context of climate emergency, the environment is a strategic priority for SICE.

Social Impact

The first point of contact with the company’s social environment are the workers and collaborating companies. In this context, one of the company’s main objectives is “zero accidents” and providing maximum safety for everyone. To this end, the Management assumes as a fundamental part the Management of Road Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention in accordance with the International Standards ISO 39001 and ISO 45001 respectively, committing to the participation of management and all staff to:

Improve Health and Safety performance at work and well-being and Safety Vial Laboral, and provide the means, infrastructure and human resources to it Increase the level of protection of workers and provide conditions
safe and healthy workplaces, eliminate hazards and reduce risks.

Training and awareness actions promoting awareness of all own members and collaborators, informing them of the risks related to their
activity to suppress or reduce them).
Involve suppliers and stakeholders in commitment to improvement
active road safety and occupational risk prevention.

The decentralized organization and form of management come from this humanistic vision that takes into account individual and collective initiative in specific situations and is based on trust, respect and solidarity to promote the professional development of professionals.

In addition, SICE tries to encourage and support the solidarity commitment of its employees, collaborators and companies through periodic Corporate Social Responsibility actions that contribute to strengthening social ties. These are actions that employees and collaborators can develop in their environment and that become economic support that the company grants to certain local associations of recognized prestige, aimed at generating a positive impact on the social environment of the SICE offices in all over the world: facilitating access to food for disadvantaged families, accompanying minors in hospitals, supporting health-related research or cleaning natural environments, are some examples of actions carried out in recent years. And solidarity is an important value at SICE. We are committed to engaging with society for the long term in each region in which we operate.

Digital transition

At SICE, we are moved to advance through technological innovation. Technology and digitalization have the potential to promote sustainable development in areas such as education, employment, infrastructure, cities, and collaboration between different actors. It is considered a key tool to move towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

At SICE, we develop technologically advanced solutions that help promote sustainable growth in cities, generating new employment opportunities and boosting efficiency and productivity in various sectors of the economy. Maintain and improve transportation, lighting, hydrological infrastructure, etc. making them smarter, safer and more resilient; Promoting sustainable industrialization and encouraging innovation are fundamental axes of our activity. Helping to create sustainable, safe, efficient and intelligent cities and communities, capable of managing resources and mobility optimally, are our reason for being.

As a multinational company established in more than 30 countries, where we work mainly for public administration, but also for private sector clients, at SICE we want to be a “lever for change”, a transformative axis, generator of global alliances for sustainable development , collaborating with governments, companies, universities, researchers, and professional development centers to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization.


As experts in mobility solutions, at SICE we are very concerned about optimizing their use in all areas to improve people’s quality of life and reduce the negative impact of transport on the environment. Therefore, both inside and outside the company (through Chairs and collaborations with research centers and universities), we promote research and development of innovative mobility solutions, which use new technologies and intelligent systems to optimize use. of resources.

Through the company’s own activity, SICE contributes to improving infrastructure, offering multimodal transport solutions that facilitate the mobility of people in a safe and sustainable manner, and promoting reasonable use of private vehicles among its employees. Vehicle fleets and routes have been optimized, unnecessary trips have been reduced, and teleworking has been promoted when necessary.

At SICE we believe that to achieve a positive impact on society and the environment, the active participation of employees and raising awareness about the importance of sustainable mobility is essential. For this reason, campaigns are periodically carried out to disseminate “Good Practices” both in the professional environment and in the personal environment, reinforcing this learning with practical examples from day to day.

The VINCI Group, through its Manifesto, establishes a set of shared guidelines whose objective is to align the actions of its entities and operational teams around the world. As part of the Group, we assume the corporate Manifesto with the main commitments.