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Safe cities

Advanced technological solutions applied in the field of city security play a crucial role in protecting the population and urban infrastructure from growing security challenges. Integrating smart devices and sensors, such as video surveillance cameras, anomaly detection systems and real-time data analysis, results in more efficient surveillance and a rapid response to risk situations.


Smart systems allow for potential incidents to be anticipated and for proactive action, thus improving prevention and reducing the impact of adverse events. In addition, the ability to collect and analyse large amounts of information in real time enables informed decision-making, which facilitates the implementation of more effective and adaptive security strategies. 

In a context in which urban security is a constant priority, smart systems are becoming essential allies to ensure the well-being and peace of mind of citizens, while promoting the sustainable development of cities.

SICE Seguridad specialises in the innovation, integration and quality of security services required to respond to all requirements included within the protected environment of a public, smart and safe city. Using a professional project management method, it provides solutions to customers in support of public security organisations and responds to incidents and emergencies, integrating systems into a nerve centre that provides operational decision-making support.

This is a properly set-up and protected nerve centre in which security solutions for cities and their surrounding areas are developed, integrated and managed. Reception, monitoring, control and response activities to all distributed security systems will be centralised here. SICE Seguridad does not only perform security management design and installation tasks but also provides centralised software management and operating plans in line with the integrated services.

SICE Seguridad provides security solutions for strategic infrastructure involved in the provision of essential services (government, water, food, energy, space, the chemical industry, the nuclear industry, research facilities, health, the financial and tax systems, IT and communications (ITC), transport, military installations, establishments where regulated explosive materials are stored, and security companies that store cash, securities, precious metals and hazardous or explosive materials, etc.), the functioning of which is essential. The security of this infrastructure is high risk due to its impact on essential services provided to citizens.

SICE Seguridad has extensive experience in the security environments and systems necessary to ensure the integrity and operation of all infrastructure types related to transport in major cities (tunnels, car parks, buses, underground, railways, airports, sea ports, etc.).

SICE Seguridad integrates and provides a lasting solution for all security and access systems required in residential, commercial and financial areas Its work ranges from initial studies, equipment installation, operation and maintenance to the centralisation of all services and signals in coordination with law enforcement forces and agencies.

An important point of the security sector is the transmission and communication of all component parts. Based on the requirements, criticality and possibilities of the environment, SICE Seguridad analyses the most secure solutions for systems, as well as the most appropriate protocol for the environment in question.

As an important part within the critical infrastructure of any city and as nerve centres for citizens (hospitals, public establishments, schools, prisons, power stations and communication centres, etc.), SICE Seguridad provides assistance in and designs all security needs that may arise within hospitals, government buildings, police control and traffic management centres, schools, prison facilities, and distribution and logistics centres, etc.

SICE Seguridad provides a complete solution for the range of security systems that may be important and necessary for the security of renewable energy (solar-thermal facilities, solar and photovoltaic plants, etc.): perimeter and interior video surveillance systems, image capture and analysis-tracking, image-based biometric systems, perimeter systems and intrusion detection, underground microphone cable, anti-sabotage systems due to cut wire, barriers and access control, etc.