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Security and Emergency Control and Coordination Centres

A security and emergency control and coordination centre is a strategic space where technologies and resources converge to efficiently manage security and crisis situations. Video surveillance, communications, alarm detection, GPS and real-time data analysis systems are integrated into this environment, providing comprehensive supervision and coordination of events and emergencies.

The importance of these centres lies in their ability to streamline and optimise the response to incidents, whether accidents, natural disasters, criminal acts or any emergency situation that puts public safety at risk. With a bird’s eye view of the situation, operators can make informed decisions, effectively coordinate emergency services and authorities, and direct the right resources to the right place at the right time. In addition, the constant monitoring of data and the generating of reports allows for response protocols to be evaluated and improved, thus helping strengthening a city’s response capacity and resilience to the different challenges that may arise in terms of security and emergencies.

SICE Seguridad provides “turnkey” solutions to customers for the consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a range of control and alarm reception centres (ARC). From the design and execution of civil works to the engineering, supply, installation, configuration, commissioning, operation, maintenance, reporting and documentation of the IT, electronic and security systems corresponding to security installation management, monitoring and control facilities. 

If requested by the customer, SICE Seguridad supplies Alarm Reception Centre services: the reception of alarms and technical events, management of technical signals and alarms, service web accesses, response protocols, special operations, openings and closures, two-directional systems, and integrated security systems, etc. 

SICE Seguridad has extensive, accredited experience in the design of control and/or ARCs, involving compliance with regulations and a series of security measures: the physical space where the work is carried out, the reception and operational equipment of systems information, communication methods and protocols, redundancy measures and security in services and systems, service planning and methodology, approvals and any other necessary solutions and products that make up these control centres are specifically analysed and incorporated. Real-time alarm and event monitoring and control software, redundant high-availability systems, and the management of signals and any other necessary architecture is implemented through the integration of different security solutions.

SICE Seguridad supplies, installs, connects, configures and commissions different pieces of equipment and technical resources, as well as the software required for their development, for the reception, management, verification, transmission and communication of different signals produced by installations connected to the Alarm Reception Centre (ARC).

SICE Seguridad integrates centralisation and control software for the different security systems found at customer facilities. Open and scalable architecture. Platforms for the management of physical and logical alarms triggered by other systems.

This system integrates protection, tracking, management and monitoring telemetry devices, application and systems to improve fleet management and vehicle security services, and to ensure the vehicle can be located at all times. It also integrates advanced data communication and local video surveillance applications. It provides vehicle recovery and security against theft.

This management system provides unique quantitative and qualitative services that expand the characteristics of the system and the benefits that customers and users experience after implementation: general benefits of the strategic management of assets and services, costs, maintenance plans, task assignment and flow, control of suppliers and purchasing processes, spare part and warehouse management, fault-symptom-cause-solution identification, indicators and reports, and benefits related to its technology and architecture.

The operational control and coordination centre establishes the steps to follow or response protocols, in accordance with the private security regulations. Should an alarm or emergency event occur, it will immediately verify the occurrence. For it to be considered valid, the centre will use all or some of the technical or human procedures set out in the regulations before notifying the corresponding Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies or Public Emergency service of the alarms or real situations that have occurred.